Tag: Words for the Soul

A Lovers Quarrel

Thru the night I’ll cry and my heartbreak will remain. My love for you never changed. Knowing my heart was pure but what I went through. Noone is to blame. The footsteps that should have taken place. The fights of whose to blame. Walking out is the easiest thing to do. Coward. What a shame.

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Toxic yet Tolerant

πŸ–€ A Brief Moment into my World πŸ–€ When is there ever a good time to leave someone we are intimate with because they just cant get with the program? We constantly ask ourselves this. Whelp, I can honestly say, for me. It’s when I realize I am starting to not be myself. In other

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Ransacked Abruptly Possessing Emotions

The clutch that was once adoring and desired is now bursting with fear and hurt. Wounded by the style of life that once had me content. Demolished my internal peace, something I never seen approaching. Shouting your name was such a tease, now I can’t even place it at the tip of my tongue and

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