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Soul Sex

Let’s escape with our minds. Entwined within our thoughts that noone could fathom. Deep rooted with seeds that blow from within. Let my sound waves carry into tomorrow as ur brain tries to reminiscence on the visions of our vibes. The aurora of our energies from just the two of us speaking. The mind of

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Loose Yourself

Blink for a moment and escape in time. Listen to what your heart . Let me break down all barriers. Sink you into submission and allow every temptation to come to life. Remind me of how magical that melanin is. Show off mama, and twirl in some pretty thangs. Embrace the dancing of your emotions

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  Before we end, let us try again. Only so you can hurt me and make sure this time, it is a forever life alerting event. Just wait, because before we end, I need to try one last time just to make sure. CHECK my pulse and make sure my heart is beating and ready.

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