Tag: Sapiosexual

Soul Sex

Let’s escape with our minds. Entwined within our thoughts that noone could fathom. Deep rooted with seeds that blow from within. Let my sound waves carry into tomorrow as ur brain tries to reminiscence on the visions of our vibes. The aurora of our energies from just the two of us speaking. The mind of

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Let me ride your wavelength. Holding you closer than you have ever been clinched. Let me deep inside your membrane so I can visually see all the things that you try to hide. Let me kiss every inch of your mind leaving my wet imprints. Allow me to soak into your intuition bringing you to

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Hello sweet brown eyes. Expecting the unexpected when I said hi. Keeping my feelings to myself yet you pull for me. Grasping for me in all sorts of directions but never the one that is straight like a beam. Mind everywhere and it is so very clearly that Iโ€™m stunting the kidd. Brush me off

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