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I wonder when is a decent time to leave someone alone versus trying not to give up on them. You know they can change but are they willing to change for you? The talk of, I’m not going to change overnight, I’m sorry and or I canโ€™t let us end because of me like this.

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hello my love, can you stay for one last kiss. i know we are over but it seems that my mind is only revolving around you and i need closure. the lust for your physical appearance is surreal and breaks down every thought of me walking away and saying this is dead. the desire for

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Ransacked Abruptly Possessing Emotions

The clutch that was once adoring and desired is now bursting with fear and hurt. Wounded by the style of life that once had me content. Demolished my internal peace, something I never seen approaching. Shouting your name was such a tease, now I canโ€™t even place it at the tip of my tongue and

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