Tag: Chronic Depression

Unknown to the Known

feelings disowned and sort of numb mind racing into to the unkown heart pacing, something like a panic attack black scenes with flashes of red slumped in my own emotions of which i know nothing of bare minimum done trying to get out of this funk but for some reason, this feeling brings me comfort

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Smile. Even when you don’t to. Put that good energy into motion. Allow yourself to immerse in only those emotions. The mask you are wearing will eventually be permanent. Sooner or later your mask will become your reality. All you’ll know is good vibes from living freely. Creating a new lifestyle by choice of habit.

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Atoms Exploding

waking up feeling a way I cant explain. not sure but I am not happy nor am I sad. I just feel a tingly sensation through my whole body. I try to ignore this feeling because all I really want to do is either crawl under my blanket and masturbate for hours and or run

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