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it’s funny how the dice roll when we play this game of life Just dont know but I’m finna turn this shit inside out Fuck that love shit. It anit never done nothin for me but make me grieve Pouring my heart out on memories just to be wiped clean Heartbroken mentally yet I’m living

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A Blurr

Life happens so fast like a blur Memories eventually become one too Watch me disappear from your mind as every thought of you dissipates into nonexistant things Allowing myself to release you Ultimately choosing me You’ll wish you stayed and put in that work when you see me pour into someone else what I tried

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…you’re teaching me how to live without you subliminally by the distance that is being created between us. i portray that I’m strong but deep down inside I’m crying rivers that flow and drown me internally you gave me disconfirmation and rejection when all I needed was confirmation within our communication. i am lost in

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