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A Lovers Quarrel

Thru the night I’ll cry and my heartbreak will remain. My love for you never changed. Knowing my heart was pure but what I went through. Noone is to blame. The footsteps that should have taken place. The fights of whose to blame. Walking out is the easiest thing to do. Coward. What a shame.

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Toxic yet Tolerant

๐Ÿ–ค A Brief Moment into my World ๐Ÿ–ค When is there ever a good time to leave someone we are intimate with because they just cant get with the program? We constantly ask ourselves this. Whelp, I can honestly say, for me. It’s when I realize I am starting to not be myself. In other

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Question for You

Listen to my heart crying of what it used to be. Hear me when I lightly say the memories are like water choking and drowning me. Try and understand that my heart is a sacred token that has been vandalized by persons that thought they knew how to carry such precious cargo. Thinking it was

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