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Let me explain:

We love in a way that is indescribable. We can love in the most sensual, hectic yet calm manner. We get enticed and tortured by the love we make mentally. Moving past ones insecurities that were elaborated and entertained has its way of creating doubts within oneself. People do not understand that once damage has

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You’re my addiction, poison yet I must consume you. Steadily rocking me insane and I honestly don’t want it any other way. Caress my sanity and kiss my lips making all the pain seem absent. Distance me from the world as you cradle my insecurities. Force yourself into me, knowing the misery I’ll feel will

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Hello sweet brown eyes. Expecting the unexpected when I said hi. Keeping my feelings to myself yet you pull for me. Grasping for me in all sorts of directions but never the one that is straight like a beam. Mind everywhere and it is so very clearly that I’m stunting the kidd. Brush me off

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