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Look @ M3

I ask myself constantly, when people look at me what do they see? A mentally broken black woman who struggles every day with her emotions? The smiles that are forced but widely accepted. When will anyone see past my disguise and actually feel deep in my demise? I put on a wonderful show, speaking all

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Hello sweet brown eyes. Expecting the unexpected when I said hi. Keeping my feelings to myself yet you pull for me. Grasping for me in all sorts of directions but never the one that is straight like a beam. Mind everywhere and it is so very clearly that Iโ€™m stunting the kidd. Brush me off

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  Before we end, let us try again. Only so you can hurt me and make sure this time, it is a forever life alerting event. Just wait, because before we end, I need to try one last time just to make sure. CHECK my pulse and make sure my heart is beating and ready.

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