Category: Mental

Selfish Time

It’s wild how everything is on your time When I requested for you to let me be You became my number one stalker n couldn’t live without me Yet because of your actions, my heart was breaking and I starting reacting accordingly You couldn’t handle this, as no one can handle a broken someone that

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Toxic yet Tolerant

🖤 A Brief Moment into my World 🖤 When is there ever a good time to leave someone we are intimate with because they just cant get with the program? We constantly ask ourselves this. Whelp, I can honestly say, for me. It’s when I realize I am starting to not be myself. In other

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Smile. Even when you don’t to. Put that good energy into motion. Allow yourself to immerse in only those emotions. The mask you are wearing will eventually be permanent. Sooner or later your mask will become your reality. All you’ll know is good vibes from living freely. Creating a new lifestyle by choice of habit.

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