A Single Rose Garden

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A hurt woman trying to grow into the flower she was suppose to blossom into.

Overcoming the mind games and realizing she had the power to flourish in such a dark place she unconsciously planted herself in.

She wilted away because of her desires, listening and believing in the could have beens only to be thrown away time and time again.

The anxiety of letting go not knowing holding on was causing so much more pain.

I’ve become such a rose and beautiful wrapped by thorns.

So believe me when I say this wall I built is truly impenetrable.

Losing faith in that wonderful theme of love.

Ive almost given up, but the world has yet to see me and all that I’m capable of.

So back to my roots I go, growing and planting and maybe my rose wont be so rough in the second coming from the seeds I’ve been planting.

Tender love from within myself, allowing my pedals to open on their own when they are ready to show the beautiful seeds I will be continuing to grow.

Letting this cycle of hurt and pain go.

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