A Lovers Quarrel

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Thru the night I’ll cry and my heartbreak will remain.
My love for you never changed.
Knowing my heart was pure but what I went through.
Noone is to blame.
The footsteps that should have taken place.
The fights of whose to blame.
Walking out is the easiest thing to do.
Coward. What a shame.
No more trying to build because it all blew away.
A single kiss, a lovers game.
Fighting is a gambler’s lane.
Never knowing if your heart is strong enough to win the battle, you shackle yourself with no shame.
Days within the winters night out.
Ended with spring rains that flows until the ocean was named.
Tears of joy, endless pain.
My heart has sunk into the sunken place.
Over the hurt, I shall regain that twinkle in my eye.
And although my crown is tiled, I’ll only become stronger.
A Queen I am and I’ll forever rise.
To meet my match, I’ll play this waiting game.
A Unicorn, unseen to the naked eye.
Waiting patiently, for my prime.

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