Unconsciously M3?

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What is that voice in my mind? Whose that talking? Makes me think, am i ever alone or could this be the moment i am finally at my breaking point and going insane?

Are they who reminds me how beautiful i am when I feel at my lowest? Walking past the mirror and all of a sudden i hear within my heart, “Damn, you’re pretty!”

Are they a real person using telepathy? Who are you?

I hear you constantly telling me things. Some i already know, bringing new ideas. Expressing when not to do something that i deem doable. Always brining me back to sanity.

My mind sometimes turn into a frenzy and feelings become overloaded. And yet, there you are to comfort me and let me know everything is okay, all i have to do is breathe.

Who are you? Do i know you? Conversations late at night, yet when i try and talk to you, you have nothing to say. Confused because then i think…am i truly alone? Yet, you always pop up when it’s needed and then leave without a whisper of goodbye.

Listening softly and intently because you sound just like me. Losing myself only to have you back in fourth. Confused with my own thoughts. Who are you? Are you me, am i you?

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