Can I

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Can I:

make your soul speak levels of consciousness with every kiss i plant on your very lips. touching your body in a frenzy while taking my sweet ass time caressing your thoughts? taking my time to make sure every durable portion of your mind, body and soul is tantalized and memorized by a heavy trace of my admiration?

Can I:

lay your body on cloud 9 seeking for he moon and stars in between? twist and turn your physique as i feel your hurricane dispense beneath. storm yearning to release. our bodies creating a tsunami as i lay on your beautiful and enticing black rose. gliding and riding the waves to our melody. securely embracing your heat.

Can I:

make sure all types of your frames are mine swinging you into ecstasy? organized affection yet frantic hands manufacturing something that is equivalent to fucking and love making all in the same moment. eyes locking intensifying our feelings. the only answer i need is a yes and this fantasy will be your favorite reality.

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